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“ Dispirited, unmotivated, unappreciated workers cannot compete in a highly competitive world.”  Francis Hesselbein

How We Can Help

Joyful Workplaces can support organisations as part of wellbeing, employee engagement and other general learning and organisation development initiatives. We work in line with the Engage for Success ‘enablers of engagement’ and provide interventions at all organisational levels.


Here are indicative examples of the types of events we can offer. These can be combined on a mix and match basis and tailored to meet your particular requirements. 

- follow up to staff attitude surveys, taking the temperature type exercises - OD style culture change initiatives;

- discrete team and departmental development events;

- sessions on day conferences and away days;

- icebreakers;

- celebration days;

- laughter parties;

- workshops on ongoing staff development programmes.

Example Workshops And Events

Joyful Workplaces: Taster
(Half Day)
Laughter and Leadership 
(Half or Full Day)

An experience of the practicalities and philosophy of the Joyful Workplace and the key influences for attention.  



Your business case for Joyful Workplaces?


Identifying your building blocks, and modelling an approach.


Exploring laughter, playfulness and creativity in the workplace.


Relational Leadership.

Consideration of a leadership style that is empowering, engaging and engenders a Joyful Workplace.


The benefits of laughter and playfulness in the workplace.


Enabling space and opportunities for playfulness and creativity.


The in depth elements of the relational leadership model.


Developing autonomy of thought and action.

Feedback and Strokes
(Half or Full Day)

This theme focuses on feedback, recognition and developing supportive performance cultures. Training on feedback usually equips people with the right words to use but does not consider individuals' psychological barriers to giving and receiving 'strokes'.


What are your programmed patterns for giving and receiving feedback?


Choosing the right words. 


How to give adult to adult developmental feedback.

I'm OK, You're OK: Developing Workplace 
Relations (Half or Full Day)

An opportunity to apply the concepts of Transactional Analysis to the understanding and development of effective workplace relationships.


How does your life position impact on relations in the workplace? 


Understand your own and others' drivers and the effect on relationships.


How do ego states cause problems in relationships? 


Ways to enhance relationships at work..

Developing Talent and Creativity 
(Half or Full Day)
Staying OK: Personal and Organisational Well-Being (Half or Full Day)

An exploration of creative approaches to developing others in the workplace.


Opportunistic coaching opportunities and developing a coaching style of leadership..


Encouraging right brain mechanisms to free up potential and creativity.


Development and approaching organisational change.


Encouraging autonomy in others and ourselves.

Identification of, and overcoming, barriers to healthy working practices. Managing stress and challenges through:




Attitudinal time management;

Appropriate Laughter;

Self management.


Identifying stress in self and others. 


Creating a wellbeing culture.

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