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“ The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.” Tom Peters

Resources, Links And Fun

A somewhat arbitrary collection of links and resources relating to laughter, engagement and things Joyful! 


If you come across anything you think worthy of inclusion, or you would like a link to your website here, please get in touch. 

Jeta Logo Designer


A very useful free download to develop logos, and can also be used to develop jpg/png files to insert into powerpoint presentations or for web sites. 

Free anagram generator


Simply put in your word or phrase and this will generate anagrams of that - some example anagrams of Joyful Workplaces

Employee Engagement Quotes -  If you need an inspirational quote for presentation or a paper - look here.

A Poem About Strokes and Laughter 


Strokes are free,

and laughter too:

both are magical things to do.


Bricks and mortar,

bind me to you:

strokes and laughter – relational glue.


Together we can be

potent and strong,

strokes and laughter - help us along.


Banish negativity,

fatalism and blame:

strokes and laughter – a means to re-frame.


Strokes and laughter

food for the soul,

to repair and nourish – help us feel whole.


Simple and easy

intimate and true:

strokes and laughter – bond me and you.


PD - 2015


Free Nero Sound Editor to mix digital music tracks - click on the play symbol to pause this music. 

Weird Laughter Meditation mix - Pauly D
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