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''Remember, GReAT leaders focus on Growth, Recognition and Trust.''

Kevin Kruse

How is Joyful Workplaces Different?

We aim to help you develop a Joyful Workplace, by focussing on the things that foster real discretionary effort at work - grounded in the immediate work environment and everyday experience of working life.


Using our Building Blocks and self assessment instrument, we can help you focus efforts, develop skills and facilitate involvement and commitment.

The Joyful Workplaces Model

Joyful Workplaces Building Blocks

We provide a range of flexible team events, leadership and skills training, away days and more. Our example programme of workshops and events expands on elements of the Joyful Workplaces Building Blocks Model set out here. 


We tailor interventions according to organisational need and are able to support you in assessing areas for action using our How Joyful is Your Workplace assessment tool. Informed by our mission and values we provide events that are energising, fun, thought provoking and original.

We have worked extensively in the Education, Health and Voluntary sectors but also welcome enquiries and interest from Corporate clients. Initial consultations on the content of tailored programmes are free. We can also help with diagnostic work to determine your precise team or organisational needs. 

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