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''Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” Stephen R. Covey


Our mission is to support organisations in developing cultures of joyfulness, creativity, integrity and humanity by exploring the potential and possibilities inherent in us all. 


We aim to help organisations become more productive successful enterprises; and satisfying and fulfilling as places in which to work.


Promoting and developing working environments free of exploitation and discrimination.


Supporting organisational communications of honesty, trust and openness.

Working Values

We subscribe to the following value principles and integrate these as themes into our range of activities, workshops and events.

Positive Cultures

Facilitating ways of thinking, being and doing in organisations that enable people to give of their best.


Experiencing work as a source of personal growth, fulfilment and pleasure.


Enabling people to tackle problems head on, innovate and find solutions.


Encouraging appropriate shared laughter and fun to support healthy working and develop collaborative and cooperative workplace relations.

Productivity and Shared Success

Improving bottom line results through developing the alignment, commitment and engagement of people at all levels in the organisation. Happy people lead to happy results.

Building Blocks

We offer a range of standard and customised workshops, team events and training courses – aimed at leaders, managers and staff more widely. Our events aim to be fun, thought provoking and original: combining elements of laughter and creativity; mindfulness and wellbeing; developmental psychology; organisational and leadership theory and best practice.

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